The 2nd Beijing Agricultural Carnival, which kicked off in March is still ongoing at the Strawberry Expo Park in Changping and ends on May 4. The carnival features an agricultural produce exhibition of more than 500 species and fair, hands-on farming activities such as grinding flour with a stone mill, spinning and weaving, strawberry pickling, a photography competition and various dining and entertainment opportunities.

13,000 strawberries will be on display that have been planted using seven different cultivation models according to the Beijing Review's website.

Changping is well-known for its hot springs and Ming Dynasty Tombs, now leads the country in terms of strawberry cultivation and production. It is also well known for it's apples, persimmons and lilies. The campaign is sponsored by the Beijing Municipal Commission of Rural Affairs, the Beijing Municipal Commission of Science and Technology, Beijing's Municipal Commission of Education, the Beijing Municipal Bureau of Culture and Changping district government.
How to get there: Take Subway Line 5 down to Tiantongyuan Bei Station or Subway Line Changping to Nanshao Station, and then transfer onto Bus 537 or Chang 59.
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