Halloween is six months away, but Beijingers with a hankering for horror can get their fix every Monday night, thanks to the arrival of the Beijing Horror Film Society, which will show its second feature, the 1977 Wes Craven original The Hills Have Eyes tonight at Nanluogu Xiang's Cafe 69.

The society started out as informal viewing of films in people's living rooms, and has expanded now to the public showings. "People just like to be scared. Horror films are universal that way: people like to be scared, they like the adrenaline rush," said Horror Film Society co-founder "Jigsaw" Jim Nobles, who has reviewed horror films for the Rotting Flesh Radio podcast, and an American English teacher in Beijing.

Nobles said the group plans to feature both Chinese and foreign horror films, to tap into the vein of classic Hong Kong movies that feature ghosts and other paranormal activity. On April 28, the Society will screen Incubus, a 1966 film featuring Star Trek's William Shatner, with dialogue in Esperanto, the artificial international language. Wow.

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