Given that last week we reported that China's mobile shopping rates were through the roof, it might not come as a surprise that China now ranks number one in the world for online shopping. One in seven people buy their goods online each day, according to a new report on

"China's online consumers are also more active when it comes to shopping through social networks, leaving reviews of what they bought and how they were treated, according to the research," the report said. It's no wonder then that online multibrand retail giants like ASOS are making it easier for Chinese shoppers to access their site.

If you're still the type who likes to experience consumerism in person, why not head to YiYi on Saturdays for a little bit more of a holistic shopping experience? Komeil Nasrollahi, co-owner of Yike Gallery, (the one who offers the rare authentic Persian carpet straight from Iran), is now hosting live Persian music with free Persian snacks at their new shop across from Tavalin bagels every Saturday from 5-7pm.
Kathrin von Rechenberg launched her latest collection over the weekend, so look out for more on that on the blog.
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Photo: Christian Rivera (Flickr)

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