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On days when there appears to be nothing but endless grey skies it can feel like leaving the house, or indeed doing anything, requires far too much effort. So in the interest of sheer laziness and holy weekend vibes we feel that cozying on the couch and ordering in some delicious food should be your number one priority.

To remind you of the wide variety of delivery services we have at our disposal in Beijing, please enjoy this list we have compiled below to help you choose where and what you can order in your area.


A well-known name in the delivery game, Sherpa’s has been providing doorstep delivery happiness since 1999. Many of Beijing’s delicious dining choices are partnered up with them like new hot-spot Moka Bros and Modo as well as heavy-hitters Flamme and Hatsune.

Delivery zones: Chaoyang District and Dongcheng District

Delivery fee: Starting at RMB 10-15. It increases if the distance is determined to be an exceptionally long travel time (more than 4km from restaurant to destination point).

Minimum order? Some special clients like Burger King and Subway do require an RMB 50 minimum order to use this service, but majority of restaurants signed have no minimum order fee.

How to order: Choose the delivery destination by entering your street in pinyin. A list of select restaurants closest to your destination will appear, along with their delivery service charge (starts at RMB 10). After selecting a restaurant, click on the menu items you would like to order. An email is then sent with a summary of the bill, as well as the expected delivery time.

Are English services available? Telephone services have English speakers.

Estimated time of delivery: 45 minutes (on average).

Accepts credit cards? No


Phone: 400 600 6209

Hours of delivery: Daily 10.30am-10.30pm. Closed during holidays, including Chinese New Year. Check their website for more details.


Daojia Meishi Hui 到家美食会

Committed to providing high-quality gourmet food delivery services, Daojia is considered to be the go-to for Chinese clients to order food straight to their door and enjoy in the comfort of their own surroundings.

Delivery zones: All over areas in-between the Second Ring Road to the Fourth Ring Road.

Delivery fee: RMB 6 is added to total cost. For orders RMB 200 or more there is no delivery fee added.

How to order: The website is navigable only in Chinese. If you go online, first you will choose the area where your destination is from their home page. A list of restaurants closest to your inputted address will appear. After selecting a restaurant, click on the menu items you would like to order. If you can speak Chinese you may also order via telephone. If you need to know of potential food allergens you will need to contact your restaurant selection directly.

Are English services available? No.

Estimated time of delivery: 45-50 minutes (on average).

Accepts credit cards? No


Phone: 6608 0101

Hours of delivery: Daily 11am-2.30pm, 5-9.30pm.

Hours for ordering: Daily 9am-9pm.


Jinshisong 锦食送

One of the biggest food delivery services offered in Beijing in terms of food variety, you really are spoilt for choices here. Chinese favorites like In and Out are available, as well as international selections like Stuff’d and Wagas.

Delivery zones: Serving four districts in Beijing – Chaoyang, Dongcheng, Xicheng, and Haidian.

Delivery fee: Starts at RMB 15, but check their website as many restaurants offer free delivery within a 3km distance. Fees are dependent on distance from the restaurant to your destination. There is a minimum delivery order of RMB 68.

How to order: Go online and select a cuisine type, followed by a restaurant that provides your chosen cuisine. Then select your desired dishes. Customers do have the option of choosing from more than one restaurant. When checking out, fill in your name, number and address. Choose your area on the map to find out how much your delivery fee will be. After finalizing your order, a text message is sent to your mobile. Registered users can track their order via a GPS system on the website. A complimentary bottle of water and some fortune cookies come with each order.

Are English services available? Yes customer service has English speakers.

Estimated time of delivery: 40-50 minutes (on average). Registering online is encouraged and can shorten your delivery time.

Accepts credit cards? No


Customer support: 4000 300 517


KK Rabbit

A wide range of both Chinese and international cuisine, amongst other handy delivery services, is available through KK Rabbit. You can find Beijing favorites like Blue Frog and Serve the People using their services.

Delivery zones: Their current delivery services are provided in the areas near Guomao, Sanlitun, and Solana.

Delivery fee: RMB 15 for restaurants within 3km of your chosen location and an extra RMB 7 for every kilometer after that. When you place an online order, KK Rabbit will contact you within 10 minutes to tell you the correct delivery fee (sometimes the website overestimates the fee).

How to order online: On their website you can narrow down your selection by different types of cuisine, region, or meal items. Then the site will calculate the delivery time and total cost after you enter your address in pinyin. After that you will need to type in your name, telephone number, address, and any special requests. Ordering online also means you receive one free drink (Sprite, Coke, or water) from any restaurant. 

How to order (other methods): Alternatively, you can order through their delivery hotline or live chat through MSN and Skype.

Are English services available? Telephone service does have English, but please be patient and eloquent if you are going to use it.

Estimated time of delivery: 30-50 minutes (on average).

Accepts credit cards? No


Phone: 400 720 1717

Hours of delivery: Delivery hours vary from restaurant to restaurant, but KK Rabbit’s hotline is available from 10.30am-10.30pm daily.



A concise range of Chinese and international tastes can be ordered and delivered through ISender. Look for names like Purple Haze Restaurant and Bar and Tim’s Texas BAR-B-Q in their listings.

Delivery zones: Primarily serving with
in the Chaoyang District.

Delivery fee: Calculated by choice of restaurant and which numbered zone your destination is in. Ranges between RMB 20-70.

How to order: Choose from one of four categories – country, flavor, price, or zone, to show what options are available. After selecting your restaurant (multiple restaurant selections are okay) and inputting how many items you want you will be asked to register and select your zone for delivery to complete the order.

Are English services available? Telephone service has English speakers.

Estimated time of delivery: One hour (on average).

Accepts credit cards? No


Phone: 4000 685 517

Hours of delivery: Daily 11am – 2pm, 5-10pm.


Haidilao HILaosong 海底捞HI捞送

Another Chinese oriented delivery service, with a more specific zone choosing system for delivering than other providers; you can still expect genuine Chinese cuisine to be delivered to your doorstep promptly.

Delivery zones: Within 20 km of the various locations of the Haidilao restaurants (including the following branches: Zizhuqiao, Baizhifang, Wangjing, Jingsong, Hongmiao, Mudanyuan, Fangzhuang, Wangfujing).

Delivery fee: Ranges from RMB 49-109, depending on the travel distance required for your order. There is a minimum order of RMB 238.

How to order: Ordering is available online or by phone. To order online, select your city first, then browse and select your food. Next, fill in the address bar, confirm how far you are from one of the distribution spots available, and confirm your order. Items such as extension cords and hot-plates must be requested in advance.

Are English services available? No. Both the website and hotline are Chinese-only.

Estimated time of delivery: Around 90 minutes to 3 hours (on average).

Accepts credit cards? No

Website: (Chinese-only)

Phone: 4008 107 107 (Chinese-only)

Hours of delivery: Daily 11am-9pm.

Hours for ordering via hotline: Daily 8am-11pm.


Of course some restaurants we enjoy frequenting in Beijing have their own independent delivery services. Below we have listed a selection of our favorites:


Type of cuisine: Italian.


Phone: To contact your nearest Annie’s see their web directory for details.

Hours of delivery: Daily 11am-11pm.

Delivery zones: Chaoyang District.


Gung Ho! Gourmet Pizza Factory

Type of cuisine: Pizza


Phone: Sanlitun 8587 1404, 8587 1370. Lido 5135 8557. Shuangjing 5876 5262. Wangjing 5738 9040.

Hours of delivery: Daily 11am-11pm.

Delivery zones: Lido, Sanlitun, and Shuangjing. Check their website for more in-depth maps and details.


Element Fresh

Type of cuisine: American


Phone: 6430 2170 delivery hotline

Hours of delivery: Daily 7am-10pm.

Delivery zones: Sanlitun and Lido area.


Green Bites Dumpling Bar

Type of cuisine: Chinese


Phone: 8590 7875

Hours of delivery: Daily 10am - 9pm.

Delivery zones: Only within 3km of Sanlitun Soho. Free delivery for places near Sanlitun Soho; mimimum orders of RMB 50 for further destinations.
 See their directory online for complete listings or contact the 
restaurant for more delivery details.


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