Your WeChat moments are about to be overwhelmed by your contacts’ avatars in various states of rest (and undress).

This increasingly viral craze comes courtesy of a recently launched mini-app called 睡姿大比拼 (shuizidabipin) which lets users customize a cartoon-ish avatar on a bed, before saving and posting the image on their moments for all to see.

Among the customizable aspects are adjustable limbs and a range of poses for the sleepy cartoon character, changeable nightclothes and bedroom backdrops, and the option to add stuffed animals, pillows, laptops and other accessories. You can also make the character smile, drool or snore (the latter featuring a mini gust of wind spewing out the avatar's mouth).

So far, so adorable, as many users have opted to show off the funny PJ's and splayed out poses they might adopt during the throes of slumber. More mischevious users, however, were quick to find other options in the accessory menu that weren't as wholesome as stuffed animals, by any means. Yes, the ability to select condom wrappers and tissues to place on the sheets, along with the option to select a second avatar to keep your first one company, allows for some pretty risqué options indeed.

To get in on the fun (before the censors catch wind and take it down), just scan the QR code at the bottom of any 睡姿大比拼 post (such as the one above).

The mini-app is in Chinese only, but anyone who can't read the characters should just tap the continue button on the first page (pictured below).

From there, all the various options and drag-and-drop features are pretty self-evident. The function for joint adjustment is a bit finicky- I tried to bend my avatar's knees and elbows into a meditative pose, but the system made the limbs flail oddly for a bit, until I got the hang of it. However, that just added to the fun and made my avatar look all the more silly. And, thankfully, adding the condoms and tissues to the scene was much easier.

Once you're done, save the image by tapping the highlighted characters below, before going on to share or post it.

Hopefully this mini-app isn't too addictive, gluing you to your screen and cutting into you shut eye. Regardless: we wish you sweet (virtual) dreams with this new mini-app, one that's sure to be a nightmare for the censors to contend with.

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