Van Gogh Alive, a multimedia show held in honor of the 125th anniversary of van Gogh's death, is opening in Beijing's Chaoyang Joy City on September 8.

The post-impressionist painter died in 1890 at 37 years old, completing the majority of his most famous paintings during the last two years prior to his death. The image above, Starry Night, was finished in 1889 and is both one of our personal favorites and one of his best known works. Another of his best known works is van Gogh's self portrait, depicting himself after he had severed his own ear.

The exhibition at Chaoyang Joy City will display more than 3,000 high-resolution photos of the Dutch painter's paintings, drafts, and letters through projections onto screens, columns, and the floor of the shopping center for an interactive experience.

Prior to coming to Beijing, the show was held in Shanghai's popular Xintiandi district, attracting many. If you're not able to visit this month, fret not, as the show will be gracing us with its presence through December 6.

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