Taking the jump can be scary, but any experience that pushes you out of your comfort zone is worth it. In order for you to do just that, here are our suggestions for where to go bungee jumping.

We talked to Los Angeles native Chris Meehan of Aoji International School, who visited Qinglong Gorge and decided to take the plunge.“I was impressed by the facilities. It felt surprisingly safe. Supposedly it was designed by an engineer from New Zealand. The harness was secure, and the operators were friendly – although the day I visited, there was no one who spoke English.”

“Although I have done some other ‘adventure sports’ such as skydiving, zip lining, and zorbing, when you get to the platform and it is time to jump, it is a little nerve-wracking. First you’re in freefall, and then bounce a few times. After the jump, you hang there upside down for a few seconds (I imagine for some this feels like an eternity) while they lower you down and collect you in a little boat. It is a beautiful part of Beijing.”

Qinglong Gorge
Located among green waters, beautiful waterfulls, and ancient parts of the Great Wall of China, this jump takes a climb to get to, but is only 68 meters down. To get to Qinglong, take bus 916 from Dongzhimen Long Distance Bus Station, or bus 16 at Dongdaqiao or Xuanwumen, to Dayu Village. There are also trains from Beijing Railway Station.
RMB 300. Daily 8am-5pm. Qinglong Gorge, Huairou District (8969 6614)

There are also other places to jump into the abyss:

A beautiful place to jump, over the water and in between mountains. To get there, take the train to Shidu from Beijing West Station, or take bus 917 from Tianqiao.
RMB 260. Daily 7.50am-5.50pm. Jiudu Village, Shidu, Fangshan District (6134 8888)

Longqing Gorge
About 90km from central Beijing, Longqing Gorge’s bungee is on a cliff and is 48 meters high. To get there, take bus 919 from Deshengmen.
RMB 40 (entrance to the scenic area), RMB 100 (boat to bungee site), RMB 200 (bungee jump). Daily 8am-4pm. Longqing Gorge, Yanqing District (6919 1020)

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