The Jenny Wang restaurant in Shunyi's Pinnacle Plaza that everyone was getting excited about is ... well ... not exactly a Jenny Wang restaurant. Sure, it's disappointing, especially if you were expecting Jenny's Hidden Cellar to be a supermarket diner, an extension of the foreign goods grocery store we all know and love. Instead, it's a bistro that stores wine and cuisine from all around the world, including "American-style" fried chicken (it's not), and a selection of pastas.

Look for a full review in the Beijinger magazine, and in the meantime, we'll keep holding out for that grocery store cafe.

Jenny’s Hidden Cellar
Daily, 10.30am-10.30pm. Second floor next to Jenny Wang, Pinnacle Plaza, Yuyang Road, Tian Zhu, Shunyi District (8046 2836)
顺义区欧陆苑别墅区对面, Jenny Wang超市旁边2楼

Photos: Jessica Rapp

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