Burger Brief takes a look at some of the top seeds in the Beijinger 2015 Burger Cup. This time around, we talk to Yong Taek Chong of Flypizza & Hoodadak Chicken to see what pushed their burger into the top 64 in the pre-tournament seedings.

Name: Yong Taek Chong                
Nationality: South Korean
Number of years in Beijing: 15
Venue: Flypizza & Hoodadak Chicken
Name of signature burger: The Hoodadak Chicken Burger

Tell us about your signature burger. What makes it the best burger in Beijing?
We have 10 years experience making fried chicken. This burger features our secret special sauce, mayonnaise, cheese, lettuce, and tomato to keep it from tasting overly greasy, and Korean-style fried chicken. 

What does the burger come with?
The chicken burger comes with our delicious straight-cut fries. 

What drink from your menu goes best with the burger?
Korean grape juice goes best with the chicken burger.

What other burgers do you have on the menu?
We also recommend our beef burger, fried chicken, and pizza.

What was the best burger you’ve ever had, in Beijing or otherwise?
I have never had a burger like our chicken burger, it tastes really great. But one of my other favorite burgers is the cheese burger at the In-N-Out, which I tried when travelling to the US. Lotteria is also a great burger chain in South Korea.

Voting is now live in the 2015 Burger Cup! Vote here thebeijinger.com/2015burgercup and in the meantime, read the rest of our Burger Briefs and go out and try some burgers!

Photos courtesy of Flypizza & Hoodadak Chicken

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