Burger Brief takes a look at some of the top seeds in the Beijinger 2015 Burger Cup. This time around, we talk to Lee Yan of Yuppie Yummy to see why their burger made it to the top 64 in the pre-tournament seedings.

Name: Lee Yan
Nationality: Chinese
Number of years in Beijing: 36
Venue: Yuppie Yummy Restaurant (YY创意西餐)
Name of signature burger: Audre’s Gardenveggie

Tell us about your signature burger. What makes it the best burger in Beijing?
I cannot promise that it’s the best, but it’s really designed for ladies who are scared of high calories. It is made with a combination of mushrooms and fresh vegetables, which brings out special flavors that many ladies and vegetarians enjoy. 

What does the burger come with?
It doesn’t come with high calorie sides like french fries. Instead, we serve pickled cucumbers, which really pack a special sour taste.

What drink from your menu goes best with the burger?
YY's signature beverages are our iced Chinese lemon tea series. The idea is to draw out the original flavor from the Chinese tea based in Wuyi Mountain, the most famous place of origin for black tea. You can taste the world's best baked black leaves in this tea.

What other burgers do you have on the menu?
We also provide a classic beef burger a shredded pork with egg and ribs burger, and a high-end beef ribs with Mexico tiger shrimp burger. We also have a creative burger called “GOKU” which is made from Chinese mantou and pork ribs. It's the favorite burger among our foreign friends.

Aside from your own restaurant's burger, what was the best burger you’ve ever had? 
Since I am not someone who seeks out burgers very often, I have not had many quality burger experiences. But, once upon time, I was in Boracay and visited a restaurant called “Yellow Cab,” who made pure beef burgers that really impressed me!

Voting is now live in the 2015 Burger Cup! Vote here thebeijinger.com/2015burgercup and in the meantime, read the rest of our Burger Briefs and go out and try some burgers!

Photo courtesy of Yuppie Yummy


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