Can you be both settled in Hong Kong, have taken the HKSAR as your only place of residence, yet go and work overseas all at the same time?

Settled in HK?


Thank you so much for your wonderfully informative website.

I have a question about the timing of starting a new job working for a non-HK employer and which job is not based in HK, in light of my interest in filing the Right of Abode application.

At the end of July 2014, I reach the 7 year mark required to file the Right of Abode application, and at which time I would have been with the same Hong Kong employer during the whole 7-year period.

I note that I have had a valid work visa since July 2007 and my latest work visa expires end of July 2015.

I also note that I’ve been sent to Singapore on long, albeit temporary, assignments that should not impact the Hong Kong residency requirement for my Right of Abode application.

I am interested in trying other jobs soon.

I have a job offer that is a one year contract for a company (that is in the same industry as my current employer) based in Singapore to work in Singapore.

The company is willing to wait for me to file the Right of Abode application before I start working with them.

Can I start working for the new company, say, a week or two weeks after I file the application (the new company will allow me to visit Hong Kong while the application is in process to fulfill any in-person requirements such as for any interviews) or is it advisable to wait longer or until I actually receive approval for HK permanent residency before I start working for the new company?

How long will the approval process take?  I plan to return to Hong Kong at some point to work after gaining some interesting and different experience at the new company in Singapore.

Thank you very much.

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