A soon-to-be-launched Beijing-based food magazine founded by some of our esteemed Beijinger alumni needs your help in getting off the ground. The Cleaver Quarterly will focus on Chinese food across the globe if/when it raises enough money to fund its first run. The previews available on their website look pretty cool, so fingers crossed that their Kickstarter campaign raises the GBP 5,000 they're looking for.

Part of the fundraising effort takes the form of an "Ice Cream Shakeup" to be held at The Local on Saturday (Apr 12) between 2 and 6pm. Get along, pay your RMB 100, and support the project -- and look out for two entries in this weekend's freeze-off from two of our current staff -- IT guru Badr Benjelloun and Beijinger Jessica Rapp.

On the ice cream social, they say:

"The challenge: Who will create the best ice cream with a 'Chinese' flavor? Sign up to bring your homemade ice cream and compete in this ice cream-making contest. Or just go along as a spectator, sample each ice cream and vote for your favorite. We'll be giving out 10 ice cream making kits every hour – after 20 minutes of vigorous shaking you should have your own ice cream! Email to register (free entry for contestants)."

Photos: Flickr, The Cleaver Quarterly

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