All photographers struggle with exposure both in terms of lighting and limelight. But overlooked rookies will be championed during the sixth annual Three Shadows Photography Awards. The winner will be chosen on April 26, and twenty-five finalists (chosen from over 600 applicants) will have their work exhibited at the studio from then until June 30.

"When I was young, I didn’t get the chance to travel and take pictures, so I want to give people the opportunity to show off their photos," says Rong Rong, the studio’s director, before adding that he’s excited to see more female applicants than ever before for this year’s award, including Tian Jing (above).

This article appeared in the Beijinger March 2014 issue.

Photos: Tian Jing, Han Shuo, Li Yunchuan, Li Zhiguo, Liu Tao, Peikwen Cheng

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