As you may remember Mos Def was supposed to headline the 2012 Midi Music Festival, but pulled out at what seemed to be the last minute. Now he is on his way back to the capital and set to play a May 30 gig at Cicada Ultralounge. He had his visa approved and flight booked, but mysteriously cancelled with little or no sign of remorse. At the time we thought to ourselves how could he forsake us, but looking back maybe that wasn't the right platform for this hip-hop legend to introduce himself to the music hungry of Beijing.

Also Yasiin Bey is known for being one of the most unreliable people in show business. I think unreliable can be another word for careful or more often crazy/lazy. Here is an interesting account of an Australian promoter who set up 11 shows for Mos Def, during which Yasiin ended up canceling four of these gigs, costing the promoter's company over 250,000 dollars and their eventual bankruptcy.

I hope these guys promoting the gig in Beijing have better luck, because the last thing we need is a multiple offender on our black list of undependable musicians.

Photos: thekoalition

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