How many times have you and your friends said that living in China is like a sitcom? Well, if you were thinking of actually creating a sitcom you're too late, because Wok In Progress are already on their way to filming China's first bilingual sitcom about foreigners living in China.

Previously titled No Pets Or Foreigners, according to its creators Murray Clive Walker and Victor Muh, Wok In Progress will explore what it is like to really live in China. The sitcom focuses on two college drop-outs from the US as they arrive in Beijing to start their new life.

However, before the show can take off, they are looking for like-minded Beijingers to help raise funds for the show. To do so, the team are holding a Kickstarter campaign launch party on Friday (Aug 21) at 4corners. Those that arrive at 9pm will reap the benefits of free beer and pizza and anyone that pledges USD 50 or more (about RMB 300 in local currency for the non-Americans among us) will enjoy discounted drinks all night long. The duo aims to raise USD 30,000 to develop and produce the first series.

Check out the pilot trailer above and if you want to help out, head over to the Wok In Progress Kickstarter page. If you'd like to star in the show, check out their Facebook page for competitions on potential roles in future episodes.

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