After eight years in Beijing and seven and a half years building the reputation of Aqua Group in Beijing, one of our favorite chefs, Jordi Valles Claverol, is leaving Beijing, and his current position as executive chef at Agua in Nali Patio, for one of his favorite countries, Thailand. 

The Venue
I would choose Ignace Lecleir's TRB for the exceptionally warm welcome and unique experience. TRB is the one and only fine dining restaurant in Beijing owned and run by a foreigner that continues to improve on every single detail of the dining experience year on year. It is the best fine dining in Beijing.

The Starters
I would choose uni, ikura, and maguro sushi from Hon Kaku, Transit's mala spicy chicken, and the bread set up and terrines at Bistrot B from Jarrod Verbiak, "the chef charcutier".

The Main Course
For the main course I would continue the international theme, with oxtail with sichuan pepper, chilies, and basil from Transit, Peking duck from Duck de Chine, and a nice assortment of dumplings from Din Tai Fung.

There would be Mosto's tiramisu with a shot of amaretto, or for something a little bit more of a "digestive" the celery and apple cold soup served with lime sherbet at Velvet, on the ground floor of Nali Patio. And also pavlova from Chef Rob Cunningham.

Dishes from His Own Venue
For people who haven't eaten at Agua before, I would recommend that they don't miss our pan fried chorizo, prawns with chili and garlic, the cucumber cannelloni, our homemade charcuterie, the lobster rice, my crispy roasted suckling pig, the torrija, the peanut parfait, and our cheesecake.

I know that where I am heading there are lots of places to hang out and party, but I will really miss the Flamenco night parties that we held at Fez, something that is very difficult to find in Thailand.

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Photos courtesy of Agua

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