Hate your job and seeking a change? How is your Hong Kong work visa affected if it will be expiring soon?


I am working for a company and I really have had enough and want to change jobs.

The reasoning being is the work I signed up for is not the job I am doing now (too much travel plus I hate the role).

I have started interviews with other companies and I estimate it will take 2-3 months to find something else.

Another problem is because of the travel I need to undertake for my current employer makes it hard to confirm interviews dates and times as I have to travel at short notice.

My current Hong Kong work visa runs out in early November this year.

My main questions are:

(1) If I left my present employer now, what is an acceptable time frame to the Hong Kong Immigration Department to allow me to find another job?

(2) What are the processes I need to follow to stay within in the law and not end up with a black mark against my name?

(3) Also what happens if I have not found a role when my current Hong Kong work visa expires?

All other advice greatly received.

Thank you for this service

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