As the sunny weather begins to hit the streets, people get antsy for ways to escape the oppressive environment of city life. People are discovering new ways to rid themselves of their hard earned vacation days.

Recently there has been an increase in recreational vehicles. People are buying up and renting these four-wheel homes so that they can experience China through its ever expanding network of highways and camping areas. One sign that forays into RV ownership is becoming increasingly popular is this year's rally for the International Federation of Camping and Caravanning. Coined by some as "the Olympics of camping" (calm yourselves), this event is sponsored by the Belgium basted Federation of International Camping and it will unleash a gigantic hoard of recreational vehicles on Yanqing County at the Baoding section of the Great Wall on May 30th- June 8th. Over the course of this ten day event there will be live music, dragon boat races and other activities featuring Chinese Folk culture.

This event is held all over the world and though it is mainly for hardcore camping enthusiasts and road warriors, it means that the business surrounding these RVs is trying to nudge its way into the Chinese consciousness. I doubt we will be seeing too much of these within the city limits, but for people with money to spend I guess I can understand the appeal.

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