Burger Brief takes a look at some of the vendors taking part in today's (Aug 15) Burger Cup Launch Party, as well as the top seeds in this year's the Beijinger Burger Cup ranking. 

Name: Thomas Gaestadius
Nationality: Swedish
Number of Years in Beijing: 9
Venue: Stuff'd and Arrow Factory Brewing
Name of Signature Burger: Stuff'd Burger

Tell us about your signature burger. What makes it the best burger in Beijing?
Our burger is stuffed with three different cheeses and bacon, and made with a special burger sauce with a bit of heat. The bun is made in the shop everyday so it's very fresh and soft. Also, it's not a regular bun, it's a pitta bread. Why its the best burger is because the cheese and the bacon gets cooked inside the burger and when you bite into it gets super juicy and delicious.

What does the burger come with?
Our home made fries (they are based on the 3 step process that makes the fries extra crispy on the outside and extra soft
on the inside. Or a salad.

What drink from your menu goes best with the burger?
Probably one of our beers like the Seeing Double IPA.

What other burgers do you have on the menu?
We don't serve other burgers but we do have a pulled pork sandwich which also comes in a pitta bread, or a falafal sandwich.

What was the best burger you’ve ever had, in Beijing or otherwise?
The best burger I have ever had is my dads homemade burger which he makes on the barbecue with tartar sauce and toasted bread instead of a bun (but to be honest I think that is actually called a bookmaker or something). It's really good.

Anyway, what are you doing here?! It's time to go and taste the best buns Beijing has to offer! Here's how to get to this year's Burger Cup, which runs until 8pm today.

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Photo: Thomas Gaestadius

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