[Warning: graphic photos]

[Updated 8/13 4.35pm] An official Beijing Public Security Bureau statement released via Weibo just after 3.20pm has indicated that the woman attacked has died from her injuries. The statement says that the attacker, whose surname is Gao, is 25 years and from Tonghua in Jilin Province. Police are continuing their investigation.

[Updated 8/13 3.00pm] Both the female and male victims in Thursday's attacks are still alive and are currently undergoing surgery. The couple are husband and wife, a source close to the couple confirmed to the Beijinger via instant message.

[Updated 8/13 2.10pm] It appears that the foreign male that was helping the female victim was also injured.

Pictures are currently circulating on social media that apparently shows a stabbing that occurred Thursday morning outside of Uniqlo in Beijing's shopping area of Sanlitun.

The pictures show one female victim on the ground having appeared to have sustained a chest wound and a foreign male helping her. In other pictures, the assailant is shown to be wielding a sword and then is seen being led away by police who then cordoned off the area.

We will update this story as news comes in.

This latest incident comes just over two years after a similar stabbing at the Joy City mall on Qingnian Lu in eastern Beijing. An American woman was killed and another man was injured there.

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