With the annual mass exodus of the metro well underway, we thought we'd revisit the wondrous joy known well by those who often commute by the turn of handlebars while letting their hair flow as free as Beijing traffic (well, on a good day). Spin your eyes over our comprehensive resource list below to ensure you get the most out of your spring/summer bicycle adventures.

Where to buy
If you find yourself stuck in an area where the subway is just too far away, yet subway rides are always annoyingly short, then purchasing some new wheels for yourself might not be a bad idea. Beijing has a huge bicycle culture, and with that comes a wide variety of bike options. We found seven great stores who are more than happy to help you select the best ride for your needs. For more discussions about purchasing new bikes, click here.

How to protect your investment
You've picked out the loudest bell, a basket adorned with butterflies, and you were even lucky enough to buy it in your favorite color. But how do you ensure no mischevious hands come to snatch your bike away from you? We tested some of the most popular bike locks and were surprised with the results. Click here to see how well each of them fared.

Join the club
Now that you have some wheels, why not partake in a casual roam around the city with more avid bike-riders? Explore new roads and make new friends at any of these happening Beijing bike clubs.

So go on, beat the monotony of traffic jams, the absolute madness of subway crowds, and enjoy the fresh air before you next return to the crowds, or need to customise your bike for the next smoggy winter.

Photo: beijingholiday.com

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