Very few countries can say they have obtained grand-master status on the global playing field of culinary cuisine. France has proved itself by giving the international dining scene various dining excellency including, of course, one of the undisputed kings of dining – foie gras (not to mention more than a few fine drops of wine). We should count ourselves lucky that we no longer have to travel to the heart of Europe to enjoy these tastes; the real deal can be found right here in Beijing.

In our 11th Annual Reader Restaurant Awards you told us who you simply j'adore in the world of Best French Dining for 2014, and top of the ranks for the finest in French fare were: 

Temple Restaurant Beijing
Brasserie Flo
Capital M

But don't think the taste of France is limited in this city, au contraire, you also told us where to go for a more casual, but no less genuine, experience that will leave you crying for more (amour, perhaps?). Here is where to go for Best French (casual):

Cafe de la Poste
La Taverne

Photo: QLI

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