Adam’s is a diamond in the rough. It offers a glimmer of hope that one day we will be able to enjoy having a drink on the dank patch that is Sanlitun’s Bar Street, the home of hedonism. In fact, we can now enjoy at least one watering hole there: Adam’s, the strip’s new gay bar.

Adam’s is a bright little establishment with tables out front, tables inside, and a rooftop terrace. When we went to check it out, it was absolutely rammed, with no sign of things letting up. The atmosphere at this little hub of activity is very positive, with locals, expats, and visitors coming and going, and while many people already knew each other, everyone was open to mingle with new faces.

Their menu offers a range of whisky (RMB 40-55), beers (RMB 20-55), cocktails (RMB 40-50, apart from RMB 80 for a Scotch Bomb, which we were too scared to go near), along with coffee and snacks. In fact, Mondo Wong, Adam’s owner, hopes that people will also pass by during the day, as he aims to provide a friendly and safe space rather than just a bar. We had a long island iced tea and approved. It wasn’t too boozy, but did the job.

Even if you’re not part of the LGBT community, this is a good alternative to other bars in the area, as Wong assures us that all of their alcohol is real. That’s a pretty big deal considering everything else on that Bar Street always feels like it burns right through your esophagus. In fact, Wong guarantees us that if someone finds fake alcohol in his bar, he will pay them back the price of their drink times 10. That’s a substantial promise and bodes well for this bar’s future, and hopefully forces the quality of establishments in the area upwards in general.

Daily 11am-late. 40 Sanlitun Lu, Chaoyang District (184 0178 9772)

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