Don’t know where to spend your last (or first) days of summer in Beijing? Fantasizing about a summer house in Beijing’s mountains to keep away from the hustle and bustle of urban life? Here's a place to check out - the Shanli Lohas, a courtyard resort located in a beautiful little village on the northeast mountainous region of Beijing.

Shanli Lohas offers a slowed down pace of fresh air, clean water, local produce, simple but clean lodging. The resort has two types of courtyards Leyou, roughly translated as “Happy and Relaxed”, and Lehuo, roughly translated as “Happy and Lively”. Leyou courtyards are a slightly more expensive than Lehuo, but provide a nicer décor. Furthurmore, there are a one-room or two-room courtyards, which accommodate two or four people respectively.

Pictures of the courtyards are available on their website, so you are able to take a look of the courtyards before booking.

The courtyards are enclosed with brick fences with some having a wooden terrace where you can have some tea, play cards, or chat with friends on a sofa or deckchair. Chinese courtyard lodging isn't the only thing Shanli has to offer as people can interact with natural such as the streams and wetlands that are worth the trip out there. The resort can organize activities such as  simple farm work, hiking on the Great Wall, swimming, playing golf, and watching a film outdoors. The other is to do nothing and soak in the breathtaking landscape. 


Lehuo Courtyard

  • Sun-Thu - RMB 970 for a one-roomed courtyard, RMB 1,688 for two-roomed courtyard of two rooms.
  • Fri-Sat -  RMB 1,143 and RMB 1,988

Leyou Courtyard

  • Sun-Thu - RMB 1,360 for a one-roomed courtyard, RMB 2,366 for a two-roomed courtyard
  • Fri-Sat - RMB 1,648 and RMB 2,866  

*Breakfast included. 

Shanli Lohas
Ganyugou Village, Beizhuang, Miyun District (400 870 3070)

Pictures courtesy of Shanli Lohas

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