Hot off the success of The Compleat Works of William Shakespeare, Beijing Playhouse is ready for a little bit of anger. Specifically, auditions for its summer charity production of 12 Angry Men will be held on Sunday, July 26 at 10.30am at 77 Theater near Nanluoguxiang.

Talk about pissed off: the cast (which is not limited to men, despite the title), will go from auditions to performance in just a week, presenting the play about a criminal trial and the sequestered dozen of the title. It will do this by using reader's theater, where while the cast still use their best emotive skills, they have scripts in front of them just in case. It also means that budding actors who may not have the time to commit to the three-month production process of a full stage show should be ready for lights and action in one week.

The play is based on the classic 1957 film that stars Henry Fonda as the angriest of the 12 men, with a supporting cast that included Jack Klugman

All proceeds from ticket sales for the August 2 performance will be donated to benefit the Zhongze Women's Legal Aid Center.

For more information about the auditions and performance of 12 Angry Men, visit Beijing Playhouse's website.

Photo: The Cinemaholic

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