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Are you feeling scrawny? Do you worry about looking wimpy? Do you dream of having bulging biceps and titanium-hard abs, but have no idea how to attain such a sturdy muscle tone? If so, fear not, because TRIBE doesn't just have meal delivery plans for slimming and energizing – the organic and healthy food eatery is also packaging readymade dishes that will adequately pump you up for bodybuilding. 

The aptly titled BULKING meal plan is part of the new TRIBE Nutrition delivery service, which brings meals to your door and provides the nutrients needed for the physique of your dreams (check out the video here). Executive Chef Brandon Trowbridge says the BULKING dishes not only contain the obvious elements (i.e. protein) needed for muscle building, but also more holistic nutrients that will help customers stay healthy while they get ripped. 

"These dishes are created to help sustain a lifestyle," he says of the TRIBE Nutrition BULKING meal plan, which he explains can help customers avoid all-too-common bodybuilding blunders. "Most people who want to gain weight will munch on the typical chicken breast and eggs, but forget to have a well rounded meal that supports healthy blood circulation and the vitamins needed to keep energy levels up at the gym or in their daily activities. These dishes are meant to help our customers gain weight while enjoying delicious, well-rounded dishes."


Another attribute of the BULKING meal plan are its savory flavors, which eschew the infamous blandness of most callisthenic-oriented diets. Trowbridge cites "the typical [flavorless] chicken breast" that anyone in the midst of serious training gobbles up religiously. In his kitchen, this blasé staple protein is prepared in a variety of ways, including being smoked and shredded, to infuse flavor. For complex carbs, he also uses buckwheat soba pasta as a healthier replacement for the “every day pasta” most bodybuilders consume.

Other entrée highlights include the Grilled Sirloin with Coffee Roasted Beets, Capers, and Red Onion, which Trowbridge prepares by using "… Organic sirloin and beets cooked in our house TRIBE coffee beans for added depth and flavor.” He adds that the ingredients in this dish are all roasted to reduce oil and says that he “rounds off this rich dish with caper and onion relish and a fresh arugula salad." 


Customers will also be satisfied with the BULKING French Toast Breakfast, which is far healthier and beneficial to muscle tone than its sweet sounding name implies. "We make it ourselves by using a fiber-rich zucchini bread, protein and omegas from our salmon frittata, and a big dose of Vitamin C and Beta Carotene from a portion of cantaloupe."

Trowbridge is also proud of the BULKING program's Smoked Chicken Soba Bowl with Shitake Dash and Spinach dish, which is comprised of the aforementioned shredded chicken and buckwheat soba pasta, creating a tasty twist on what he calls old "typical bulking favorites."

Nutrition nerds will not only be left salivating by the BULKING dishes' flavors and aromas but also their impressive nutritional stats – i.e. the 50g of protein with less than 2g of saturated fat in the Organic Sirloin meal. Trowbridge says these high quality and peak nutritious meals will help customers who want to increase lean muscle mass. “We have put together meals that are higher in calories and protein while keeping fat percent low." 

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