Kristen Lum of LumDimSum is a force to be reckoned with; despite her petite frame and cute demeanor she packs a powerful punch. One of the most delicious things she does, is organize the monthly BJ FOoDiEs dinner.

Each month a new and innovative restaurant hosts a charity dinner. The benefits are threefold; 1) the restaurant gets introduced to new customers, 2) the customers get to enjoy a meal for RMB 100, and 3) a charity is introduced and collections are made. Because the dinner served is worth much more than RMB 100, the diners feel inspired to give a little to the charity of the month. What a yummy idea!

This Sunday, (Jul 26) The Smokeyard in Sanlitun is hosting July’s BJ FOoDiEs dinner. The restaurant name is a little bit of a giveaway as to what sort of food they serve: they pride themselves on their house ribs and steak, but there's something for everyone on their internationally inspired menu. 

What makes this Sunday night's dinner even better is its charity: Musana Community Development Organization in Uganda, a charity close to my heart as my sister and brother-in-law help run it, and Musana is also the home of the women's collective that manufacture Yoganda bags.

Musana's projects are about creating sustainable, community lead solutions for the most vulnerable members of rural communities. Run by community members Musana seeks to create local businesses which generate the income necessary to sustain their outreach projects.

To book this dinner, or any other of the future dinners, follow the steps below. Places are pre-paid and first come first served.

  • WeChat Transfer: Add Kristen on WeChat (ID: LUMDIMSUM) and transfer RMB 100.
  • Online bookings on Yoopay: Pay with local or international credit and debit cards.
  • Cash bookings: Email [email protected] directly and arrange cash payment directly.

Theresa Pauline is a yoga teacher, social entrepreneur, momma, wife, and beijingkids contributor, where this article first appeared. You can find out more about her at

Photos courtesy of LimDumSum, Theresa Pauline

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