Almost every culture in the world has its own version of the crepe or pancake, an understanding that I Crepes you NOT!, a catering start-up specializing in savory and sweet Dutch style pancakes, is capitalizing on in Beijing.

Founded by Dane Pernille Son Paulsen and Dutchwoman Marte Van Os in December 2014, the duo travel to their client’s preferred location, catering for private dinners, birthday parties, fairs, company events, on-site cooking demonstrations, and interactive cooking classes.

Pancakes are known as pannenkoeken in the Netherlands and are mostly eaten at lunch and dinnertime. Son Paulsen was introduced to Dutch pancakes while studying in Rotterdam. Her co-founder Van Os was raised eating them. 

“The name is a word play on the saying “I kid you not” because we offer Dutch style pancakes which differ in shape and cooking style from crepes,” says Paulsen.

I Crepes you NOT!’s signature dishes include their bacon, caramelized onion, and cheese pancake and their banana and chocolate sauce with salted peanuts pancake.

Son Paulsen came to Beijing almost three years ago for work and is currently studying Mandarin. In fall 2013, she started cooking for friends as a hobby, later teaming up with Van Os to found their current business.

As well as the ingredients, I Crepes you NOT! bring a portable gas cooker and cutlery with them and arrive fully equipped to prepare the batter and various toppings with the kids. For the cooking part, kids can either help cook a pancake or cook one by themselves (under supervision).

They offer a standard birthday package at a base rate of RMB 750 and charge RMB 75-100 extra per person (minimum 10 people). The final quote depends the number of participants, the number of pancakes per participant, and the total time spent on site. 

Additionally, for kids, there’s an all-inclusive birthday package that includes activities such as games and storytelling for children aged 1-5 years old for RMB 2,000-3,000. 

I Crepes you NOT! 荷兰手工煎饼公司
To book their services, call 185 1085 8845 or email [email protected]

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