Ah, Tuesday. How the hell are we going to make it until the weekend, when work dissipates and the social calendar kicks back into high gear?

Never fear, this guide will help you get through one more week of the vocational grind by highlighting the best events in town, which over the coming days involve learning how to make tofu by yourself at home, immersing yourself in Ai Weiwei's videowork, and banging your heads on two hot-blooded birthday parties for two of Beijing's most beloved live music venues: Dusk Dawn Club and Temple Bar.

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Homemade Organic Tofu Class
Join Hutong Chefs as they teach you all the steps necessary to make your own homemade tofu – from soaking to pureeing, from cooking to draining, and from pouring to pressing. The class will make tofu from organic soybeans and will include a session focusing on cooking a classic Chinese stir-fry tofu dish. You will also be able to bring home all the devices needed to make tofu at home by yourself, including a steaming basket and a cheesecloth, so that you can immediately start your own tofu franchise. 2.30pm. The Hutong. RMB 300

Rainbow Night
An opportunity for gay men in Beijing to socialize, connect, and indulge. Two-for-one on sangria and special cocktails and plenty of Cyndi Lauper awaits. 8pm. Ala Bar. Free

Temple Bar 4th Year Anniversary – Punk Night
Come join the celebration as Temple Bar marks its anniversary by throwing a week-long musical bash from July 22 to July 26! There shall be music, there shall be cheering and rejoicing, and there shall be drinking ... oh, the drinking! The Diders, Chinese Modern Guys, Motorbike Girls, and DJ Chairman will kick off the celebration week with a burning bright punk night. 10pm. Temple Bar. Free

DDC 1 Year Anniversary Program
DDC started its journey on July 25, 2014. From the outset, they challenged the conventional Beijing livehouse format by combining "69", OpenSource, Diversity, Indie Culture, Music, Photography, Contemporary Art, and Received Recognition from the people. To celebrate this landmark, DDC will be holding DDC Anniversary Special Show series from July 22 to July 26. To kick things off on July 22, DDC showcases bands from independent music label Maybe Mars. 8pm. DDC. RMB 80-120


JaJaTone, Bastards of Imperialism, Solaris, Lilium
Local promoters Cold Neo gathers troops inspired by the 90's music scene to present Alternative Rock Night at School Bar. Pretend it's a bit cooler than it actually is, put on your flannel, scruff up your hair, and channel your inner alt rock with JaJaTone, Solaris, Lilium, and Bastards of Imperialism. 9pm. School Bar. RMB 40

Beijing 2003, Ai Weiwei
Beijing 2003 is a video work about the city the artist lives in and its people. The work took 16 days to complete beginning on October 18, 2003. Beginning under the Dabeiyao highway interchange, the vehicle from which the video was shot traveled every road within the Fourth Ring Road of Beijing, one by one. Approximately 2,400 kilometers and 150 hours of footage later, it ended where it began under the Dabeiyao highway interchange. Through the windshield, the camera objectively recorded all the visual information that appeared before the vehicle investigating the spatial state of the city's streets, the endlessly changing times, scenery, movements, behaviors, and other concepts - thoroughly, meticulously, and calmly recording the mega city of Beijing through a single lens. 10am-6.30pm. Beijing 3 Gallery. Free

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