W Beijing's AWAY Spa opened at the end of last year along with the rest of the hotel, but unfortunately we hadn't been able to make it by until just recently.

Rather than the soothing tones employed in most spas, AWAY is decked out in bright, honeycomb yellow, giving it more of an energizing and detoxing feel.

Sticking with the energizing theme, I was invited to try the Energy C antioxidant brightening treatment, using products from American brand mesoestetic. After being led to a quiet treatment room with an incredible comfy water bed insert, my therapist applied a vitamin C-rich mask and serum that left my skin incredibly luminent. 

In addition, the spa offers the usual gamut of massage, facial, and full body treatments, all conducted by pleasant, experienced therapists.

AWAY is on the same floor as the hotel's WET and FIT swimming pool and gym facilities, so combine these with a trip to the spa for an all around healthy body experience. 

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Photos: Robynne Tindall, courtesy of Starwood Hotels

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