Have you been wondering about how to take your brand to the next level or how to make it stand out in the digital age? Then Glug #6: Why We All Eat Potatoes, brought to you by Studio Output and MetaDesign, is something for you, your colleagues, your friends, and your entrepreneurial dog.

The event includes three branding gurus: Mauro Marescialli, managing director of MetaDesign (Beijing), Rob Coke, group strategy director of Studio Output (London), and one yet-to-be-announced guest. Speakers will share their secrets, stories, and what they've learned through their branding journey, imbuing tips on how to make your brand stand out and internationally recognized.

The organizers also promise that they will explain the title of the event: 'Why We All Eat Potatoes' and the story behind it.

Interested? Drop by Migas, between 7-9pm, and pay RMB 60 (includes one drink) on the door or grab a ticket on yoopay now to avoid disappointment.

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