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People are drawn to organic food and vegetables, but what about the concept of an "organic" building? The term not only refers to the pollution-free, green, natural, but also to the intangible connections we have with each other and with nature.
POSCO center office building’s "Organic Culture" is a fusion of construction and the surrounding environment. Its environment and comfortable people-friendly design is in perfect harmony with its residents and surroundings.

A Symbiosis of Construction and Environment

A building seems to be independent, but in fact, it is a transitional space of the people and outside world. POSCO Group, the South Korean industry leader in modern construction has built the POSCO Center Beijing’s Wangjing area. The design and building concept is a break from traditional architectural norms and embodies the concepts of “organic” connections and harmonious co-existence.
Wanging is home to many multinational companies making it the perfect location for the POSCO Center. The nature of its home base is reflected in the complex’s facilities, property management, service and design, which is characterized by a distinct curve and the integration of a glass curtain wall that creates a bright, open art space. 

Two twin towers, A and B, lie staggered in planar space and are oriented to maximize the line of sight and exposure to sunlight. Their unique structures also represent the dynamic pace and rhythm of the city and are elegant additions to the skyline.
Nearby Wangjing Park is an urban oasis and an inspiration for POSCO Center’s harmonious symbiosis of construction and the environment. 


Harmony between People and Construction

Organic elements are everywhere in the POSCO Center, which not only distinguishes its design, but also provides the perfect office environment for international enterprises and a healthy works space for inhabitants.
The infrastructure and equipment, ranging from the elevators, parking spaces and air conditioning to the power, communication and automatic building control systems are all up to international standards. The complex was constructed with a large amount of green building materials which save energy and have low carbon outputs. This automatic CO2 adjustment system works alongside automatic temperature and humidity control systems to keep the building air as fresh and safe for its inhabitants as possible. The compound also features sunken gardens and a roof garden to provide residents with a touch of nature and ample recreation spaces, while also encouraging environmental awareness.
All of these features highlight POSCO Center’s distinct "organic" nature and represents a break from the traditional modes of mixed use spaces. The complex is filled with both closed and open work spaces to facilitate both privacy and collaboration. The technology hall on the first level has been designed with a “cut-through” visual effect to increase the public communication space; and there are ample office spaces on levels 1 to 3, as we all as a medical center, fitness center, multi-purpose hall, business center, video conference room, business and leisure zone, etc. All of these areas combined help improve work efficiency for the companies housed within.

For more information call the POSCO Center Business Office at 8471 7777.

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