My signature is an illegible scrawl only a doctor could love. Fortunately, there are other signatures out there with a touch more sophistication, and are even more enjoyable for the fact that they are edible.

Every chef in his or her own right develops an unmistakable quality about them, their own signature to which they plate and serve to loyal diners in the hopes that each meal presented is a tasty reminder of who the genius at work behind it is. In Beijing we have an impressive list of world-class chefs, but for our 11th Annual Reader Restaurant Awards you were quick to vote and let us know which chef in town is the best for 2014. Below are the results: 

Daniel Urdaneta (MostoModo Urban DeliMoka Bros)
Dong Zhenxiang (Da Dong Roast Duck)
Marino D'Antonio (Opera Bombana)

Photo courtesy Meiguoxing

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