It’s summer time in Beijing. Hot. So it’s more important than ever to drink as much water as you can. And if we as parents are always drinking water, we serve as great examples to our kids!

One idea to help encourage water consumption is to add some glamour and drama to your aqua! Bling it! Here’s how.

Get yourself a re-usable water bottle. The environmental impact of plastic bottles is horrifying. Have you heard of the Great Pacific Garbage Patch? It’s an island made of plastic waste in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. Gross. And it’s getting bigger! Please do us all a favor and get a reusable bottle! I use a Nalgene brand bottle that is BPA free and really tough and durable. Customize it by adding some stickers! Take a stroll down Nanlouguxiang and pop into Plastered 8 T-shirts for some super-cool free Beijing-only stickers.

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