Getting your brain juices flowing once in a while is important, and can also be very fun. Take the popular pub quiz for example, great for those with a competitive streak who spend their days filling up their noggin with interesting but nevertheless useless Wikipedia facts. It's for those of you out there who enjoy whiling the hours away reading about what color hippo sweat is (red) and whether woolly mammoths lived at the same time as the Great Pyramids were being built (they did) that we've compiled a list of Beijing's most popular pub quizzes.

Every Tuesday at 7.30pm, 4corners holds its messy quiz until around 10pm/when an ultimate winner has been crowned. The winner will walk away with a whopping RMB 400 food and drink voucher for 4corners! Runners up get RMB 200 and third place takes home RMB 100. There are also rotating drink and food deals depending on the week.

The Local
Every Tuesday at 8pm, the Local offers you the chance to wreck your brain with some quiztastic questions. Each team gets a free jug of beer to get them going, and the bounty is pretty decent: first prize is a bottle of booze, second prize is a cocktail pitcher, and second to last prize is a pitcher of beer. 

Every Wednesday at 8pm, Lush hosts what is arguably the best pub quiz in Haidian District. Prizes to be won by everyone, and the quiz tries its best to not be too American-centric in order to accommodate the peoples of the world for an international experience. Their happy hour also runs between 8-10pm, for buy-two-get-one-free buckets of Tsingtao for only RMB 70. Goodbye Thursday.

Paddy O'Shea's
Every Wednesday at 8pm
, Paddy's challenges you to answer tricky questions during a pretty epic six rounds. Each rounds' winner will get shooters or prizes, and the grand prize is pretty spectacular: two members of the winning team will get one minute behind the bar to fill up as many shot and pint glasses as your psyche can stomach so make sure you bring someone with epic pouring skills. This one is dangerous.

Q Mex 
Every Wednesday at 8.30pm
, Q Mex hosts its quiz night, which is made up of six rounds of varying categories. Prizes are valid in the restaurant: first prize is a RMB 200 voucher, whereas second place will get you RMB 100. Also, 1/2 price nachos to keep your energy levels up throughout the grilling.

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