On September 25 and 26 Slow Boat Brewery will be hosting the 2nd Annual Beijing Autumn Craft Beer Festival at the EAST Hotel grounds in Beijing. 

Last year’s event featured 11 different breweries from seven different provinces in China, as well as 10 of Beijing’s best restaurants and food vendors. Over 3,000 craft beer lovers made their way to the festival grounds to eat, drink, listen to music, and be merry! 

This year is going to be even better, with 14 breweries currently confirmed. To take advantage of the great weather and air, the festival has been pushed back two weeks compared to last.  A new metro station has opened less than 200 meters from the festival grounds making it easier for revelers from around the city to attend.

In its second year, the organizers expect over 5-6,000 craft beer and food lovers to attend from Beijing and around the country. We know we will be there. 

If you're looking to warm up, why not head over to Slow Boat's IPA Week which has a few days left. Every day a different IPA is available for a measly RMB 25.

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Photos courtesy of Slow Boat Brewery

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