A couple weeks back, in an attempt to find a suitable venue to bid a good friend goodbye from Beijing for good (more good to follow), I stumbled across a comment on our site alluding to seemed like a deal entirely too good (blam!) to be true – five hours of all-you-can-eat-and-drink on a hotel terrace overlooking Dongcheng. The restaurant happened to be Yin on 12, located on the, you guessed it, 12th floor of the New World Hotel. The deal happened to be entirely real and entirely awesome.

From 11am to 4pm on weekends, YIN on 12 offers unlimited barbecue (steak, ribs, sausages, sliders, fish), salad, dessert and drinks: mojitos, pimms, and beer all for RMB 188 net. That’s an incredible deal and one that the setting and the friendly and accommodating, not overbearing, wait staff only bolster – even the DJ was happy to change gears when things got a little too Jason Mraz.

The food isn’t going to win any awards for presentation but it did not disappoint – one sandwich was the size of a child’s thigh – and the barbecue has been thoughtfully placed on the opposite side of the venue, which yes, does mean that you have to walk through the main indoor space to reach it, but it also protects from its heat. This was particularly necessary on the hot weekend we visited as even though there were plenty of canopies and shade to go around, the roof still gets toasty and there weren’t enough water fans to keep the party from incurring midday meat sweats.

As for the view, truth be told, this part of the “east” city is about as pleasant to look at as Gaza – a cursory squint over the edge of the terrace will allow for a glimpse of Qianmen and a hell of a lot of dug-up car park space. More reason to stay seated with glass in hand and slider in face.

In summary: we left full, merry, and with plenty of extra cash to spend on the continuation of the farewell party. Not one to forget any time soon.

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Photos: Kyle Mullin, courtesy of Yin on 12


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