Yes, that is yours truly getting pie'd in the face. I was at Rager Pie for Pieday Friday  take along a friend, agree to pie each other in the face (with video evidence, naturally), and get buy-one-get-one free on all their pies (as well as half-price beers to give you a bit of Dutch courage). 

In fact, there are plenty of daily deals around town from favorites restaurants like Q Mex and The Meatball Company to help you get through the long working week. 



  • Challenge The Meatball Company to a game of Rock, Paper, Scissors for the chance to win a free side
  • Half price pizza (including their oddly delicious nacho pizza) from 5pm to close at Q Mex



Many of these venues have a different deal for every day of the week, so get out there and start eating!

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Photos: Wilson Hailey

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