TenTemPies are an international collective of musicians who are about to kick out the Latin inspired reggae jams here in the capital this week. Hailing from Amsterdam, they will be performing as part of this year's Sound of Xity festival. Make sure to check them out at Temple this Thursday (Apr 3) and Saturday (Apr 5) at Tango. Let's give them a warm Beijing welcome. 

When was TenTemPies formed, what brought you together?
The band was formed about six years ago. I guess when Jouke Schwarz (electric guitar) and I came together shortly after we first met. We wanted to check each other’s drawings, not anything about music really. But when Jouke was about to leave he noticed a guitar in the corner of one of the rooms. I showed him some tracks I had written and a few minutes after that we decided we should form a kick-ass band to play these tunes.

How would you describe your music and what do you hope the audience will get from it?
I would say it is uplifting, powerful, diverse and most of all, real. I think that when people see us perform they will see the joyous experience we as a band have while playing and we hope that we can give that sense of fun, of freedom, a sense that you had to be there to the public!

What kind of cities have you been touring through, how have these audiences reacted to your music, what’s the energy like?
We have toured throughout The Netherlands first of all, and cities in Europe like Berlin, Lille and Barcelona, and in Santiago de Chile for example. I think we can say, in all modesty, that every stage we have played we convinced the audience with our music and our smiles. The energy we have received from the audience is the same energy we like to give back. It is a back and forth and we enjoy this chemistry so much! At the end of every show it feels like the band and the crowd became one and we all participated and had our part in a great fiesta, a great party!

What kind of people did you meet in South America and did they contribute to your music writing?
Besides the beautiful people I think we have met certain situations of people and basically reality. Our music is very much inspired by social injustice and inequality worldwide and being in South America you get much closer to the paradox of rich vs. poor; of those who generation after generation either win or lose. That has been a huge confrontational but inspiring experience.

Will your future albums be made by traveling through other countries?
I hope so! You know, part of this dream is to travel and experience the world … If we can make albums while doing this, better so! But writing happens everywhere, we cannot control the pen, so it can be in the shower or walking the Great Wall, who knows …

What kind of instruments can we expect to see you all playing?
Drums (Remco Menting), bass (Nathan Klumperbeek), latin percussion (Miguel Padron), acoustic guitar (Maurino Alarcon) and electric guitar (Jouke Schwarz), trombone (Lucian McGuinness) and trumpet (Jelle van Diepen). 

If this is the first time you have come to China? What impression do you have of this country?
It is the first time for me and therefore I am exited even more. I want to see as much as we can in a very short period of time and enjoy the land, the food, the culture, the people … everything! We are most exited and grateful we get to do this!

Photos: TenTemPies

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