Slovenian industrial group Laibach is set to play Pyongyang, Democratic People's Republic of Korea (DPRK), on August 19-20, on its "Liberation Day" tour. And foreigners, maybe, just maybe, who show up at that time will be allowed into the show.

We're not making this up. The dates are confirmed, and now the travel details are confirmed. Our buds at Koryo Tours are offering a four-day package, August 18-22, to the DPRK, for EUR 1,550, according to their website and SmartBeijing. There's only one problem: no one's sure yet who is getting in to see said Slovenian industrial band.

Did you really think that the North Koreans would not only allow Laibach to go and play in Pyongyang, and then put the tickets up for sale at Tickemaster? C'mon, this isn't Linkin Park.

SmartBeijing read the fine print, which says, "Please note that the final itinerary may differ slightly to what is below, and that the Laibach concerts, and access to those concerts, are subject to final approval by the relevant DPRK authorities, over whom Koryo Tours has no power whatsoever." If no Laibach, well, no problem: you'll get to visit a fun fair in Pyongyang, and you know that will be fun, not at all dissimilar from a groundbreaking and surreal musical performance.

Get your wristband for the gig from Koryo Tours here on their website.

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Photo: Laibach/Koryo Tours/SmartBeijing

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