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Wangjing is well known as an international center in Beijing, a profile that has been raised even further with the opening of the new POSCO Center. This premium office and lifestyle complex has attracted professional talents from New York to Seoul to work, dine and play in its international office environment.

Funded and constructed by South Korea's POSCO Group and drawing upon the modern economic spirit and dynamism of its parent company's home country, the complex's total construction area is over 163,000 square meters. The Beijing complex will be a base for a wide range of multinational entities specializing in a diverse range of industries, including iron, steel, E&C, IT, renewable energy and more, making it a showcase of brands and modern China's enterprising spirit.

POSCO Center's unique exterior design and state-of-the-art technology and facilities will also make it one of Beijing's architectural landmarks.

A Creative Space that Blends into the Environment 

Judging from the POSCO Group's portfolio, much attention has been paid to employing progressive ideas and concepts in the POSCO Center's design. Moreover, the complex will serve as a hub for the Wangjing community with its EVENT space and open areas, which were built with elements designed to complement the natural environment – a rare combination when compared to most projects in not only Beijing, but in greater China that only seek to blend the old and the new.

Posco Center also features ample surrounding green space consisting of a sunken garden, courtyard, and hydrophilic space all designed to perfectly complement the buildings' symbolic structures. An innovative roof garden graces the top of the twin towers, and embodies the compound's green and environmental theme.

Whether through its exterior, landscape planning, or office setup, POSCO Center is designed to be a comprehensive ecosystem for its inhabitants. In addition to the aforementioned green areas, the compound includes a comprehensive range of international cuisine restaurants, gym, consulting rooms, recreation facilities, shopping malls and more to give its residents a truly vibrant communal work and lifestyle atmosphere.

Construction as a Part of Culture

Located just a short distance from the Capital Airport, Wangjing boasts a host of multinational enterprises, a concentrated population of expats, and a developing cultural scene that, along with the completion of the POSCO Center, adds vibrance and color to the area. As such the area is now a magnet for international companies and residents, which will further boost the development of the area's service and entertainment industries along with its overall infrastructure.

But even more so, as a prominent Korean company, the POSCO Group has also created a complex where people can truly experience and understand the distinctive culture and flavors of the real Korea.

This diversification and the internationalization of its cultural environment will attract more outstanding enterprises to POSCO Center making it a truly international hub.

Quality Construction Makes Finding a Good Office even Easier

As one of the signature office compounds in Beijing, POSCO Center's range of office designs, ranging from "personalized" and "intelligent" to "fashionable and "modern multi-functional" make it on par with international standards. 

The "Intelligent Office," for example, consists of an open business lounge area where you can not only hold regular meetings, but do so with leisure and convenience, while the small conference rooms are designed to improve work efficiency. The "Personalized Office" is also a departure from traditional layout concepts through its combination of a large, comfortable office-filled work space with areas for resting and conducting meetings. 

 This "Modern Intelligent Office" design is creates and ideal "people-oriented" work space that allows for quick action and reaction to the day-to-day dynamics of doing business in the capital.

With its multinational background, high quality construction and emphasis on business and culture, the POSCO Center is poised to bring even more international business and dynamism to Beijing.

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