Ah, Monday again. How the hell are we going to make it until the weekend, when work dissipates and the social calendar kicks back into high gear?

Never fear, this guide will help you get through one more week of the vocational grind by highlighting the best events in town, which over the coming days involve exploring Ming Wong's fusion art and his non-linear conceptions of temporality, getting into a pensive mood by Almodóvar's award-winning masterpiece Habla con Ella,  grooving to musician Robin's indie one last time, and howling to the midnight moon at Gulou Double Decker Vol. 6.

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Ming Wong: Next Year
Cross-dressing, postcolonial Shanghai’s ‘Western-style’ Marienbad café, traditional cloud patterns based on the Chinese cosmology, as well as Ming Wong's perspective on the fusion between time and space: Be prepared to get excited and perplexed simultaneously at Wong's solo exhibition Next Year. Read our interview with the man himself here. Free. 10am-7pm. Ullens Center for Contemporary Art (UCCA).


Antidote Asia: Daedelus + Howie Lee
Like his mythological namesake, Daedelus, aka Alfred Darlington, is an inventor, a creator of sonic labyrinths combining sounds from an eclectic palette into an innovative genre of his own. He isn’t a paint-by-numbers musician, but a "bespoke" individual. Hip-hop beats with a twist of Victorian Dandyism, Dada presents you Daedelus and Howie Lee's Antidote Asia. RMB 50. 9pm. Dada

La-Bas Bar Screening of Almodóvar's Habla con Ella
During a dance recital, Benigno Martín and Marco Zuluaga, two no more than strangers, cross paths, and Benigno notices that Marco cries. Switching smoothly between profound emotion and ethical inquiry, Almodovar's meandering narrative touches upon love, loss, loniness, doubt, desire and forgiveness.

The film was a critical and commercial success, winning the BAFTA for Best Film Not in the English Language and the Golden Globe for Best Foreign Language Film while Almodovar won the Academy Award for Best Original Screenplay. Free. 8pm. La-Bas Bar.


The Groove Collective
Heralding from all corners of the globe, the members of The Groove Collective have all found themselves in the cultural mosaic of Beijing’s music scene. Channeling the city’s chaotic fortune, TGC mixes their distinctive sounds into a melting pot of disparate rhythms and fun-loving uproar.

With a sound that can be considered as both modern and traditional, this is a band that injects their own style into every song and performance. Free. 10pm. Salud.


Remembering Remedios the Beauty: Robin's Farewell Show
As a violinist, Robin has been a figure in the local Beijing music scene for five years. Her songs are stripped down, whimsical indie originals that showcase her versatility in voice and on violin. With Nathan Borofkar on guitar, these two deliver a night of sincerely enjoyable original music. Don't miss the chance to see these two perform their last show together. RMB 40. 9pm. DDC.


Gulou Double Decker Vol. 6
Electronica, pop, grunge, hardcore – both upstairs and downstairs – will be filling the air, keeping your heads bumping and those fists flying. Upstairs, Temple gets riotous as they host up and coming hardcore punks Chaos Kills The Pain and Ice Moon, both fresh off their debuts and out for blood. Joining them will be crisp grunge revisionists Jajatone, the talk of the town – dudes use a suona!

Meanwhile downstairs at Dada follows in the footsteps of DDC's ‘Too Much Sh*t On the Table’ night as four separate electronic duo teams bring the A-game, including JDK-X, the new tag team of Josh Frank (of Hot and Cold) and Thin Gaze, FM3老赵 x Charm, two of the scene’s hardest workers, School Girl Report, and Jia Huizhen, bringing their electro pop wonders to the club. So call into work late, fill on grub, and bring your game face! Free. 9.30pm. Dada and Temple Bar.

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