Let's start things off with a fun video of AnyWearStyle.com's Alice McInerney working with Beijing designer Zhang Chi to give three IT guys a makeover. Follow AnyWearStyle on WeChat (ID: AnyWearStyle) for more content like this.

In the latest issue of the Beijinger magazine, we featured necklaces from Doris Chou Durfee's brand, AMULET by D, in our feature about designers you primarily find online. Well, now, you can check out her beautiful, handcrafted pieces in person. She is collaborating with Ubi Gallery in Beijing's historic Dashilar hutong to have her one-of-a-kind Byzantine-style work as part of one of their latest collections. In the meantime, Durfee is headed off to Tokyo to hunt for inspiration and more gemstones, so we're eager to see what she'll come up with for her next line.

The 22nd China International Clothing & Accessories Fair wrapped up on Saturday, but it may not be the last time we see some of the international brands hoping to make their way into China. One such brand is Austrian label, Alpendirndl, which makes traditional Hallstatt dirndls for women and children. Unusually enough, it turns out the Hallstatt dirndl is already in China, thanks to this remake of the UNESCO World Heritage site in Guangdong. This copycat inspired the brand to scope out the market for their quality, authentic dresses, and it sounds like they had great feedback at the fair.

Finally, if you didn't make it out to the Vintage Market at Dada last weekend, you can still check out some of the vendors online. I grabbed some Roiboos tea from quirkily-named Smash a Cup, who does super cute product design (and super delish tea). Great for gifting! Check them out on Taobao here.

Photos: AnyWearStyle, Ubi Gallery, Alpendirndl

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