Every month, we like to shine a spotlight on the most delicious dishes we’ve stumbled upon recently. Chow down!

beer-butt chicken
Plan B, RMB 180
Shuangjing bar Plan B serves up some of the juiciest chicken in town. The secret? A big ol’ can of beer inserted where the sun don’t shine. Each five-pound chicken is marinated in garlic, paprika, and butter, before it and the beer are slow-roasted on a closed barbecue. The beer can steams the chicken from the inside, adding extra moisture to the meat.

brunch burrito
Slow Boat, RMB 55
Slow Boat’s brunch burrito is stuffed with Beijing Bangers’ juicy cheddar and jalapeno sausage, scrambled eggs, cheddar, and Slow Boat’s own crunchy salsa. In case that wasn’t enough, it comes with a side of hash browns.

Italian hot dog
Union Bar & Grille, RMB 85
Like a delight off the kids’ menu, but in an adult portion. Union’s take on the Italian hot dog is more of a pizza dog, with melted mozzarella cheese instead of onions, peppers, and potatoes. It’s like an American fun food smackdown, and it gets the one thing right that almost every other hot dog in town doesn’t – the bun. That’s a real hot dog bun supporting an all-beef frank. Take us out to the ball game.

chicken schnitzel pita
MoxiMoxi, RMB 35
The boys at MoxiMoxi have expanded their menu and added an item for all the carnivores out there: a chicken schnitzel pita stuffed with fresh lettuce, chopped cherry tomatoes, onions, and delicious tahini sauce. We love this dish, but beware, it is extremely addictive.

chilled tom yum crab
Crab Girl, RMB 108
Southeast Asian cuisine knows a thing or two about spicy food in hot weather, but sitting down to a bowl of steaming anything in these temperatures just isn’t appealing. If you agree, you might want to try new restaurant Crab Girl’s tom yum flavored crab, which, unusually, comes in a chilled broth infused with Thai aromatics.

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