This will be a rather short and sweet edition from the travel desk.

A group called Martial Hearts is running 10-day experiences at Shaolin Temple in Henan province for USD 600 in July. If you ever wanted to shave your head and then use that head to break bricks, this is probably your big chance.

A Quartz article claims that Cuba is about to receive a "sea" of Chinese tourists. Aside from adding an interesting measure word to the dialogue about China and travel, that simply isn't true. Chinese travelers have been able to go to Cuba for decades, but there's no compelling reason for them to fly 15 hours to go to the beach and not swim and not get a tan.

MERS still seems to be a problem. A warning at a hospital in New Jersey visited by your writer said that people who have recently traveled to the Middle East, South Korea, or China should notify hospital staff. Yikes.

See you Tuesday.

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