Attention all bagel lovers: after a couple of years of development, Traitor Zhou's Nonkosher Delicatessen is now open in 1949: The Hidden City, with a second location to follow in front of Migas Restaurant in a couple of weeks.

The small and colorfully decorated storefront is currently offering a pretty simple selection of bagels (RMB 10), coffee, desserts (for example seasonal fruit tarts, RMB 25), and a curated selection of wines and whiskys. Look for them to add more produce as they come out of soft-opening mode.

Bagels come in plain, white sesame, sea salt, onion, rosemary, and nori (a fetching black color) flavors, while cream cheese (RMB 8) comes in plain, sriracha, miso caramel, salted plum, chorizo, and tofu flavors.

We tried a couple of their pre-made bagel sandwiches smoked wagyu beef with sriracha cream cheese on white sesame bagel (RMB 40), Guizhou larou with miso caramel cream cheese on sea salt bagel (RMB 40), and salted plum cream cheese on rosemary bagel (RMB 30) and were particularly satisfied with the crunchy crust on the bagels, as well as the original flavor combinations inside. 

With a great product and cool concept, expect to see big things from these guys.

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Photos: Robynne Tindall

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