NOTE: This post will be updated frequently in the run-up to Spring Festival.

If you aren't actively celebrating Spring Festival (aka Chinese New Year) then it can be a tricky time to be in the capital, what with so many popular venues closed for several days, if not a whole week.

To make sure you aren't left pouting in the cold in front of a closed door at your favorite bar or restaurant, below are details of opening and closing times throughout Spring Festival (Feb 15-21 unless indicated specifically). 

We'd suggest ringing ahead anyway if you're unsure if the venue will be open, as locations may be forced to change their opening times again closer to the date to deal with staffing issues.



Annie's Sanlitun/Annie's Chaoyang Park/Annie's Sunshine 100 (Guanghua Lu)
Caravan - Closed Feb 16
Chat Room by the Rug - Closed Feb 13-20
Ganges Indian Restaurant
Great Leap Brewing (all locations)
Hana by Hatsune - Open for lunch only Feb 15-17
Hatsune (Sanlitun)
Hatsune (Kerry Center) - Open for dinner Feb 15, closed Feb 16
Jing-A Brewpub Xingfucun
Moka Bros (Sanlitun) - Open as normal except Feb 15 closing at 4pm, closed Feb 16
Moka Bros (Solana) - Open as normal except Feb 15 closing at 5pm, closed Feb 16
Moka Bros (The Place) - Open as normal except Feb 15 closing at 5pm, closed Feb 16, reopen at 10.30am on Feb 17
Mosto - Open as normal except closing at 3pm Feb 15
Q Mex
Q Mex Taqueria
The Local - Open limited hours and with a limited menu, Feb 12-23
Tribe Organic (Solana) - Feb 15 10am-6pm, Feb 16-20 11am-8pm
Tribe Organic (WF Central) 


Annie's The Place/Annie's Ritan Park/Annie's Guomao - Closed Feb 13-22
Arcade - Feb 14-22
Arrow Factory Brewing - Feb 10-23
Bottega - Reopen Feb 21
Jing A Taproom - Closed Feb 16-18
Migas Mercado - Feb 15 11.30am-5pm, Feb 16-17 11.30am-6pm (kitchen closed 10pm Feb 14-21)
La Social - Closed Feb 15-19
Obentos - Closed Feb 15-19, reopen Feb 20
Opera Bombana 
Palms LA Kitchen and Bar
The Rug - Closed Feb 12-20
Sake Manzo (all locations)
Slow Boat Sanlitun Brewpub - Closed Feb 15-17
Tribe Organic (Sanlitun) - Closed Feb 15-23
Yotsuba (Sanlitun/Lido) - Closed Feb 15-23



Great Leap Brewing (all locations)
Paddy O'Shea's - Open 5pm-late
Side Street


Arrow Factory Taproom - Closed Feb 13-21
Capital Spirits Baijiu Bar and Distillery - Closed Feb 12-24
The Georg
Hatchery - Feb 14-22
Stuff'd - Closed Feb 13-21



The Brick - Open as normal except Feb 15-17 opening at 7pm


Root Pop - Closed Feb 11-19



Domain (EAST Beijing) - 10am-6pm
Feast (EAST Beijing)
Ganges Indian Restaurant
Xian (EAST Beijing) - Open 5pm-midnight


Annie's (Lido and Wangjing) - Closed Jan 25-Feb 3
Hagaki - Closed Feb 16-21, Feb 22 open 5.30-10pm
Yotsuba (all locations) - Closed Jan 25-Feb 3



Annie's Riviera (Shunyi)
Ganges Indian Restaurant
Hatsune (Financial Street) - Closed 15-16
Hatsune (Chaoyang Park) - Closed 15-16
Hatsune (WF Central) - Closed 15-16
Moka Bros (Xian Joy City) - Open as normal except Feb 15 closing at 6pm, Feb 16 noon-8pm
TRB Hutong    


TRB Forbidden City
Yotsuba (Yansha/Zhongguancun) - Closed Feb 14-23

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