This question comes up all the time (and is actually answered on the home page of our Blog) but I am grateful for the opportunity to revisit it again now…

Will I lose my employment visa if I wish to change employers


Hi, I’m currently working in Hong Kong with a valid working visa but have been offered a job with another company in Hong Kong.

My work visa expires in July 2014 and I must give one month’s notice with my current employer.

 How does it work in terms of obtaining a new work visa for the new employer- do I have to resubmit all of my uni/school certificates etc as I did the first time round?

Do I need to quit my current job and then apply for the new company or can the new company apply for me whilst I’m still working at my current job?

I am worried that if I quit my first job that my 2nd visa will get rejected and then I will be jobless.

Any help you can give would be greatly appreciated, thank you! 

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