Launched at the end of last month, Factory Fresh delivers healthy, gourmet meals to your door.

We were lucky enough to try out a sample one-day plan from their FACTORY Lifestyle plan (RMB 420 per day), which provides approximately 1,600 calories a day, split between three meals and two snacks. They describe it as: "The best option for those on the go and need balanced energy all day. Designed to boost fitness levels while shedding fat."

For our daily meal set we received the following:

Breakfast: Banana bread with yogurt and berries
Snack 1: Nuts and cereal bar with cottage cheese and berries
Lunch: Grilled polenta, roasted tomatoes, grilled chicken breast, cottage cheese, and salad with olive oil-lemon dressing
Snack 2: Apricot and orange pudding with fresh grapefruit
Dinner: Pan-seared tuna with panzanella quinoa salad

Dishes are fresh and tasty, although we advise removing them from the fridge a little while before eating to ease the chill. Our definite favorite was the grilled chicken, which was remarkably juicy and tender.

They also offer FACTORY Fit (RMB 360 per day, 1,200 calories) and FACTORY Performance (RMB 500 per day, 2,200 calories) plans, and are planning to introduce organic, vegetarian, and gluten-free options, among others.

During their introductory period, they are offering a "20/40/60" discount system: buy 20 days of meal plans and get RMB 600 off, buy 40 days and cut RMB 1,500 off, while 60 days will discount RMB 2,400.

Interested? Get over that lunch slump and call 130 2102 0500 to order.

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