Mornings are rough. Mornings fought on the subway with only the prospect of a greasy streestside sandwich are rougher. As you can see by our 11th Annual Reader Restaurant Awards results, things need not be so bleak. Options for bread, pastries, cakes, and other oven blessings abound. So what are the absolute favorites for this year? Read on for the best baked goods and Western breakfasts.

Kempi Deli 
South German Bakery 
Tavalin Bagels

And if you'd prefer a heartier morning sustenance start to the day (we know that jianbing is not cutting it anymore) then break out of your breakfast monotony and feast heartily on a plate of sausage, eggs, toast, baked beans, tomatoes, and any number of other foods we all recognize as part of a beloved Western breakfast. The votes have been tallied and these are the results for where you enjoy a solid Western breakfast:

Element Fresh 
The Rug 
Vineyard Cafe

Photos: Cat Nelson, Kempinski Hotel

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